Matters Of Commecial-Land

No matter how many times I point out how muddy it gets this time of year, the “Swiffer” people never come and ring my door bell to leave me any products to try.

No matter how often I protest the smell of damp dog, no one stops by with an air freshener to help freshen the air.

I gave up pointing out the spots on my glasses coming out of the dishwasher because no one comes and rings the doorbell to provide me with detergent tha promises sparkling glassware.

Folks, there are times  I wonder who actually lives in commercial-land and how on earth does one get there?  Then I wonder if I’d actually want to have to do that?  Try out a sample and have a camera crew come into film it?  No thank you.  I mean these muddy days when I have a mess it’s a grand-scale mud floor to ceiling kind of thing.  And im not so sure I need people seeing that, in my home or in my fake home.

Part of the mess can be blamed on th dog to be sure, but the other part is more or less my fault.  It seems that while cleaning one area I get mud elsewhere because I slip in it, or I slide and smear it.  Yes friends, I can tell that you too are jealous of these skills. 😉

Actually, more than having the products just show up, I’d like to wave an and do or my hand and have it all just disappear.  Yes!  Sign me up for that deal stat!  Of course the ultimate would be to just not have these messes, but I doubt that’s happening since in my experirnce life is messy.

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