Butterflies and Lupus

One of the symbols of lupus is a butterfly.  It represents the “butterfly” rash one may have spreading across from one cheek, moving over  the bridge of  the nose and spreading to the other cheek.

when I get the rash it is ar more prominent across my cheeks than the bridge of the nose  so in a way it just looks like I have no clue how to wear blush.  Which is okay with me because it’s easier to tone down the red on the cheeks than on the bridge of the nose.

Maybe this is why I don’t see the butterfly as matching my rash much.  But I do think the butterfly is an appropriate symbol nonetheless.  Why?

Having lupus is a lot like being a butterfly.  You look like all other lovely butterflies, but you struggle against simple things like a gentle breeze.  You are probably easier to catch in a net because it takes so much energy to just try to blend in  with the rest of the butterflies.

having lupus is a lot like being a butterfly, one pinned to a board.  Every movement is like tugging and trying to get free when all that really happens is tha you end up exhausting yourself to the point of not being able to move for a longer period of time.  You know at some point you won’t be to struggle and fly away from the pin and the board.

having lupus is a lot like being a butterfly because despite the illness you can still spread your wings and fly.  You can still live your life, the struggles may make it all the richer and better.  You just need to know that you are tougher than your fragile wings.  And having lupus means you’ve gone through and will continue to go through metamorphoses each time you have a flare.  But having lupus doesn’t mean you give up on hopes and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Butterflies and Lupus

  1. That is a beautiful description, you really put it into words! Thanks for sharing, Sharon x

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