Brave Green World

A bold soul gave me a beautiful orchid plant.  I was speechless when she gave it to me because this person knows of my ability to kill all green things in quick time.  I wondered what this poor orchid had done to deserve a death sentence.  Especially a death sentence in my hands.

But this person did an honest to goodness “pshaw” at my alarm.  She seemed comfortable and confident in either my ability to look after the plant or in the plant’s survival skills.  Which it was, I’m not certain.

Now I should point out that I do not intentionally kill plants.  I do not wish them harm or ill-health.  I follow directions closely.  I worry about indirect sunlight and moderate sunlight.  I fret over damp, not too wet, and do not let dry.  I’m not a plant so how am I to know this stuff?

But a week and a bit into this odd relationship and the orchid is still blooming lovely flowers and has brilliant green leaves.  I almost feel like I can sigh with relief….almost!  Because I know the minute I feel comfortable, even just the slightest bit, the plant will wilt, or turn yellow or shed it’s leaves.  (Trust me, all of this and worse can happen!)


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