A Little Something I Call Skillet Surprise

Beloved just about died, or at least suffered a severe brain injury.  And I’m not sure which of us was more shaken by it.  Him, over the potential ending, or me for having just about dispatched him.  😳

Now I  don’t normally attempt to  kill people who are important to me, but ever now and then I make an exception.  Okay I didn’t really make an exception this time either. 😉

what happened was he opted to sleep in and I couldn’t stay in bed a minute longer.  So I decided to cook some cobbler, in a heavy skillet.  I had just buttered the skillet and was pulling items out of the pantry when I heard a noise from down the hall.

Not hearing a follow-up noise I went about getting the rest of the items and commenced to chopping.  Of  course there was no noise while I was chopping so th knife went in the sink. As I was stirring the sound came back at the same time a something brushed against do me. I grabbed the closest weapon at hands and prepared ton see it with all of my strength.

the weapon was the skillet, which I swung hard glancing off op art of something soft.  That something made a noise as I prepared to swing again.  That something happened to be Beloved.  Who was holding a hand to the side of his head and demanding that I stop.  Which I did the minute  realized he wasn’t an intruder.

You see the house just up the street  from us had been broken into two days earlier.  The alarm had somehow been disarmed and thankfully  no one was home except the cat.  The cat is still missing and the people are also missing some technical equipment.  So I had been a bit hasty with seeking to bash in whomever was in my house and didn’t belong.

So while Beloved may be a better cook, I dare say I’m rather handy with a skillet!  Beloved would agree,  except his head hurts a bit.  Luckily he dodged the worst of the blow and just has a rather big lump.  😐



2 thoughts on “A Little Something I Call Skillet Surprise

  1. Glad he’s ok, but that is a great story. One that will get funnier after he heals and some time passes 🙂

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