Some Age Gracefully, Some Age Woefully

There is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth in our house right now my friends.  Beloved is in a state of mourning.  He has promised sack cloth and ashes will come next. He’d cut his hair, but it’s already short and he has decided his mourning doesn’t call for plucking out his beard and/or hair.  He is, after all, a bit practical even if he tends to have a flair for the dramatic! ☺️

Which precious person must he have lost, you may be wondering, to create such intense wailing and mourning.  But I assure you, he hasn’t list a person.  No, dear friends, he is mourning over a thing, not a person.  One can inky hope that as he loses people in his life he will mourn with such passion and intensity!

So what, then, has the dear man lost to cause such grief and anguish?  Can we find it again?  Well we can sort of find it, not 100% exactly as it was before, but still.  so what is it exactly?  His eye sight.

To be exact Beloved has discovered he needs reading glasses. He is mourning the fact. Needs To wear reading glasses.  Gone are the carefree days of no glasses, reading fine print and thick books with tiny writing without any assistance.  Yes friends, this is what he is mourning.  Well that plus the his youth has slipped with the donning of his reading glasses. 😐

I’m sure once he gets past the fact that he has moved to another stage of maturing, he will be fine.  I mean all those different frames to choose from!  But first we need to get through the gnashing, sack cloths and ashes.  Then maybe the wailing will turns to shouts of delight!  ☺️


3 thoughts on “Some Age Gracefully, Some Age Woefully

  1. It sounds funny and a bit melodramatic but there is a true sense of loss for each of us every time we discoverer we lose something we had taken for granted. Please dont tell your man right now there is so much more one can lose, unexpectedly and in a blink of an eye, without a chance of regaining it.
    I remember experiencing a similar sense of loss when i discovered i needed glasses in my early twenties. I never took to them, cutting on to the bridge of my nose in cold weather and sliding down during hot perspiring times. I did without them – except for brief absolutely necessary instances- for three full decades and still use them only for reading and TV, so i sympathise with your man’s feelings
    and yes, his grief is transitory and he will mature to the event…
    Today’s glasses – and there are also contact lenses- are so slick and stylish and chosen properly also looks enhancing. So you can help your man to move his focus from the loss, and start to feel better about a very likely GAIN- of looking more handsome sophisticated, younger etc etc
    whatever he wishes to look more of -when choosing appropriate frames.
    And when he loses a tooth – just like that- i ll be back to tell you the story about the shock i experienced when i lost mine during my first pregnancy, Lo! 🙂
    Good Luck!

    • Thank you for being brave enough to share your experiences!

      To be honest I smile at his melodramatic nature for I have my own health issues and have lost things due to this, plus having had glasses for years, his sudden reaction has me somewhat amused! Of course I feel for him because I do know what it is like!

      But it is true. When some part of us changes, is less than before perhaps, we struggle. I’m not sure if it is because it is an affront to our identity and how we see ourselves, if it is vanity or the sense of time ticking, but it is there and it is a cause for pause and perhaps a moment of goodbyes and adjustments.

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