Tipsy Gums

It’s probably a good things that my wine gums aren’t made with really wine.  I mean that would be ever so tasty, however it would also make daytime snacking while marking a bit more of an adventure.  Maybe my students might prefer the outcome better.  Then again maybe not!  😉

I didn’t set to out to eat them all at once, but then when I drink an adult beverage I never mean to drink it all either.  😮  Some how though time goes by and I’m out a bag of wine gums or a glass of wine.

Of course child-friendly wine gums mean you may be  sugar tipsy, but you won’t be intoxicated tipsy.  Eat enough wine gums and I guess you may be a bit tipsy in terms of weight and wobble! 😉  Granted consume enough adult beverages, no matter how tasty and not only will you be intoxicated, but you will also have the wobble of empty calories to cope with.

why can’t they make those super vegetables taste more like wine gums?  Then again I guess if they did there would be an issue with too much fibre, which would result in me flushing money away.  Wine gums it is!



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