Coming Home, Going Home

Willi you be home for (fill  in the blank with any occasion) is a fairly standard question.  And yet it is one of the hardest ones for me to answer.

I struggle with the concept of home. What is home?  A place where I can hang my coat and rest my head?  Wherever Beloved happens to be?  Where my friends are?  Where I work?

What makes a place home?  Is it the building?  The people?  The furnishings?  The comfort?  The refuge and shelter from elements and people? Is home permanent?

I like the semi-permanence of my life.  Here now, there next.  I like that I have places I can go to, be comfortable and myself.  And I like that the view changes when I change locations.

I like that I have a home here and a place there and stops along the way.  There’s something freeing about a nomadic lifestyle, but it never gets weary because it’s not truly a hustle to find a place.  The only hustle us dealing with traffic and planes to go from one place to the next.

What is home to you?


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