Changing For Change

I work with a man who has changed his career several times over.  He believes a person shouldn’t be unhappy in his/her job and thus he has switched and jumped jobs as required to meet that ideal.

He started his adult career in business, became unhappy and decided to teach.  After much dissatisfaction as an educator,  he changed to marketing before settling in theology, but is not happy there either.

It isn’t just a case of a man trying to find what he wants to be when he grows up, as he has mentioned horribly bosses and colleagues as reasons for switching not just where he works, but what he does.

I agree that  life is too short to be unhappy or miserable, but at some point I would want to settle into something and be at least content.  I accept that not everyone we work with is going to be our best friends, but I can’t fathom that every boss is going to be toxic or out to get us.  I also cannot buy into the idea that to my coworkers are all negative or toxic people.

I can’t help but wonder if part of his unhappiness is because he is seeking a fairytale instead of living real life.  And I must confess that does make me a bit sorry for him because there is no happily ever after for ever into the sunset deal.

It’s  life with all the ups and downs.  The good and the bad, the happiness and the unhappiness.  For without one how do we possibly know the other, or for that matter how we do embrace life fully if we remain in denial of the duality of living.

But maybe it is easier to keep changing where we work or what we do rather than change ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Changing For Change

  1. Such a great message: good with the not so good and embrace the duality. I had to face that lesson myself today, and realise that the rewards of sticking to it are greater than giving up.

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