Of White Coats And Treasures

When I was young, a visit to the doctor guaranteed a treasure at the end of then visit.  Colored diamond rings, lollipops, fancy erasers, sparkling pencils just to name a few.  now least you get the wrong idea, one colored diamond rings were clearly not diamonds, but to my childhood eyes they were amazing things!

These days I’ve yet to find a doctor who supplies any type of treasure after as visit.  Instead I walk out with papers, sure they are colored, but not a sparkle to be found.  And what of theses papers you ask?  They have prescriptions or tests to deal with.  Somehow this doesn’t seem fair.

My specialists don’t seem to embrace the idea of rewards for patients after a visit.  But I figure I will be seeing them enough that maybe I will be able wear them down.  There is an upside to having lupus in a flare! 😉

now if they aren’t into giving out colored sparkly diamond rings, that’s okay too.  The ideal is to provide a bit of reward, a little reprieve from being sick and serious.  Frankly being sick shouldn’t equate to serious all the time, it it die  seem to be the way of things most often.

Sometimes a bit of whimsical goes a long way, especially with serious chronic illnesses such as lupus.  Since my doctors seem to be a bit behind on this, I’ve had to taken measures into my own hands.  So cue the funny glasses, the squirting flowers and such as part my general attire when I visit them.  So far I’ve received one raised eyebrow,  a just the slightest hint of a smile from the ever serious rheumatologist.  But its early days, so I do carry hope that they will understand whimsy, humour, and silliness play an important part in the care and treatment of the chronically ill.  For those moments when it isn’t all serious, not grim eyes or sober expressions, are pure magic and healing in a mystical way takes place even if only briefly.  And those moments are truly priceless.


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