Believing In Magic

There are some places, he told us,  where you can go and be transported to another place.  He pointed to a patch of land just up a small rise and said one night he and a friend spent the out on the hill.  He said that during the night, while he was down in his sleeping bag, he suddenly had a sense he was falling.

He wouldn’t take about the experience, beyond what he had offered.   If the fairies were going to come to us, they would.  If they didn’t want to, they’d leave us alone and we’d just have some time on the hill.  I didn’t say it out loud, but in my mind I was wondering what exactly he and his friend had been consuming before spending the night out on hill!

it isn’t that we believe in fairies as per say, but Beloved pointed out that there wasn’t an actual reason to not enjoy our time and the legends/stories from out here.  Besides it wasnt as if we’d spend a whole night out there!

This is pretty much the same thing he said when we were near Loch Ness and he wanted to see if he could find anything in the water.  That time we spent a week near the water.  I didn’t want a week on the hill.  😉

Perhaps because I don’t believe, perhaps because I doubt, the fairies never came to visit during our time on the hill.  I suppose the sad part is my inability to believe, that’s why the magic isn’t there for me.


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