Weighty Subject

When you have an autoimmune illness a lot of times part of the added fun is weight issue.  If they prescribe steroids for you, you are going to put on weight because you end up in a case of hungry-hippo starvation feeling.  So you eat and eat and eat.  Or you and retain water, for the hungry-hippo of course! 😉

Sometimes you eat to get rid of th horrible taste your medication leaves in your mouth.  Or to prevent yourself drin feeling sick (yes I know weird, but true).

Sometimes your illness makes weight loss near impossible.  You work out, you watch what you eat and still you keep the weight on.

And sometimes being with the “normal” people, the ones who can lose weight is a bit much.  Especially the calorie counting ones because despite you counting calories and spending more calories than you eat, you still gain weight. 😐

All around you are skinny people, people who are working on getting skinny or fit and watching what they eat and you just know that the glass of water your drink will add to your weight.  What is a person to do in this situation?

Well you can’t hide from the skinny or fit people, nor can you hide from those people who are counting calories.  All you can do is your best and try not to let those overly happy, weight losing people, get you down.  Especially if your weight gain is from steroids, because at least when you cycle down, you will drop the weight again.


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