Mission Success

The market had opened, which was good because I was a girl in a mission.  My kissing, much I had already accepted, was to acquire wool.  Nice, soft, lovely wool.  From sheep.

Because it is natural, there is no need to worry about to stuff  like dye-lots.  There will be some variations in the color, but it’s all natural and lovely.

So off I went, a bit like a runner out of the blocks, minus the running and the blocks.  Twelve balls was my mission.  Twelve balls of wool from a specific type of sheep…Jacob’s sheep.

while she was particular about where the wool came from, she wasn’t into spinning her own so I had to ensure it was already spun.  The market seemed the best pace to go so off I went, not a care in the world.

And then I hit  the market itself.  I cared where the wool was, how many place sold this wool and the price of it.

I found twelve lovely balls of beautiful wool, explained to the lady working there i had intended to ship them to North America.  She told me it was easier for her to get the product there because she could do it from her business account, so I had her parcel them up and ship them off.

WhenI returned home, I asked Beloved how he felt about a few sheep.  He said he preferred eating lamb to mutton, but if that’s what I had, he was okay with it.  I told him I wanted a few because they are cute as a button when they are lambs and they can mow the grass for us and we can shear them from wool.

Not missing a beat, he said we could milk them and make cheese too.  😉  Now frankly that is going a bit too far.  I don’t want to basically work on being self-sufficient, I just a few cute lambs!😊

needless to say, I am not getting my lambs, but the wool is on its way to North America!

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