Of Steamrollers, Lupus and Signs

There are days I want to  out an out-of-order sign on my body and just melt into the floor, or the bed or some other place.

In the cartoons, when a steamroller runs over a character, it makes the individual paper-thin and alms of as light as air.  Interestingly the steamroller only stretches the person into a taller form of his/her self.  I’m pretty sure in real life that same steamroller would make me go splat, and spread out in all directions.

I don’t live in a cartoon, but I do live with lupus.  This means that it only feels as if a steamroller drove over me, then reversed over me for good measure. 😳  Living with lupus also means that there are days that my body or brain is out-of-order.  Okay not really out-of-order,  it just seems that way.

There is another sign I’d like to have to hang, this one would read “do not disturb”.  This would be my magic weapon!  Never mine a magic wand, or a tank.  I’d much sooner have this sign, ask I could pull it out when lupus comes around.  I’d wave it and lupus would have to follow the directions.  Lupus would have to obey the sign and leave me alone! 😉

I guess that, though, is a bit like the steamroller in the cartoons!😊  I figure that they’d balance out in that world, but in this world, the one I live in, the only balancing is the daily act of living without lupus running my life.


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