It’s In The Name

If you name it, you can’t eat it because the animal ceases to be livestock and instead becomes a pet.  That as a hard fast rule I learned growing up.  To this day, if I bestow a name on sn animal I will not eat it!  Okay so I don’t eat dog or cat or newt so those were never up for the consideration of livestock.  But still.  I mean I’ve  held true to that rule all along! 😊😉

once you name something you are on different terms with that thing.  You perspective of it changes, which alters your behavior and attitudes towards said thing.  Once you name it, there is a personal connection, a link that has been made.

the same theory holds true, at least for me, when it comes to medical diagnosis.  Once you have a name for that which ails you, part of the struggle is over.  You know it’s “real”.  Sure it was always real to you, but now it’s been verified by the experts so to speak.

with that verification comes plans if attack, medicines and such.  There is a path that can be followed to some degree.  The foe can no longer hide behind complete invisibility for it has been found out, its ways somewhat known.

Ah the relief at knowing what type are up against, even if it’s something scary or horrible.  Knowledge is after all a bit of power and this helps move you from vulnerable the to slightly less vulnerable.  Decisions can be made, choices and options can be explored. A proper fight can begin because you and your medical tea, have a plan of attack and have some training in place.

when you can’t name it, when you have a broad category of “unwell” or “something is wrong”  the link is different.  The proof eludes you and you are fling with ghosts who don’t fight fair.

so next time when you think a diagnosis is horrible, realize the power of naming it.  Realize there is strength in just knowing what you have because behind that are attack plans and treatment courses and above all else proof that it is there and not a ghost.


2 thoughts on “It’s In The Name

  1. So so true. I have had five diagnoses in the last 7 years and it such a relief to know what is wrong. If I know, I can get my head around it, learn to accept it and learn how to cope with it lurking in my life! Sharon x

    • It’s always easier when you know, or rather when it at least is something known. I guess part of that, at least for me, is validation that it’s legitimate and real. But even then things lurk in the corners of our lives. I like that you used the word lurk, it’s a perfect fit!

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