Time Flying Past

Time really does fly!  I know because in as it happen, saw it with my own two eyes! 😉

When I was young it seems the time crawled ever so slow.  Days were longer back that I’m sure!  My parents may have even felt that way when I ws too young to comprehend time! 😊

Now I can’t say when or how it happened, but at some point time became real.  It stopped dragging its heels and got on being real, as in real time.  This means sometimes time almost drags slowly to the points me waiting on sand other times its gone in the blink of an eye.

I’ve been told that soon enough time will start to go past on a skateboard and then an ports car and then a rocket.  It will fly by and I won’t even notice any more.

But today I saw time fly by.  I felt it too!  You see I was on a ladder, doing some work om the curtains.  The wall became jealous and decided to act out.  It sent the clock flying, hitting me on the way down to the floor.  And I saw time fly.  Let me tell you, it’s too fast to see the numbers and if it hits you it hurts.  Now I need to make it stand still….just a so I can kick it!


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