Perfection Falls Through

I’ve  a person in my life who will make amazing plans and then have something come up that gets in the way of those plans just about every time.

I understand that schedule changes, life happens, and things come up last minutes some times.  But I don’t understand it happening every time.

Some times this person will say that s/he is going to call at a certain time and then when that times comes around the call doesn’t happen.  Other times this person will say s/he is going to meet me somewhere and then changes the location or the time.  Now and then s/he will stand me up.

I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t happen more times than not. There are times ive had to cancel due to health issues or something coming up last-minute so I really do understand when it happens now and then.

At first when this started happening on a regular basis, I was frustrated and hurt.  It took me some time and struggles to reach the point  where I just go about my business now and if what s/he plans comes to fruition that’s lively, and if not it isn’t a huge deal.  It’s just the way this person is and I either accept the person as a whole or not at all.  And I surely am far from perfect so I hope I am accepted as I am.



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