Magnetic Attraction

I must have some type of magnet, not one for money or such.  Nope my magnet is geared towards something different.  Something that frankly I would rather not have attracted to me or my general vicinity.

Exhibit A:  may I present to you that I was recently in a movie theatre, the first person in it mind you, where no more than 10 people total ended up in it and the last person in sat directly in front of me.  This person was over 6 feet tall.  I am well under 6 feet tall.  He could have sat anywhere, but he has to sit in front of me.  Lots of empty seats and this is where he sits!

If only this was the first time or the only time it happened to me, I wouldn’t use it as an exhibit.  Unfortunately I seem to attract tall people to go in front of me and block my view.

Exhibit B:  I present to you, in a hurry yesterday, I had to stop and pick up a bottle of milk on my way home.  One item, so no big deal.  There are two checkout aisles open, I naturally chose the one with one person in front of me.  She has three items,  easy, I will stay on time.  Until she digs into the massive bags that is her purse to search for a coupon she is sure is in there, somewhere.  Foot tapping ensues on my part, but she doesn’t care.  Of course I end up having t move to the other cashier to get out in decent time.  But I’m late.  Why?  Because any time I’m in a hurry I attract people I refer to as tortoises.  They are there to slow me down and nothing I can do makes them move any faster.

Exhibit C:  I give you the space-invaders!  No, not the old Atari game! 😉 I’m talking about those people who get in your space.  Especially when all I want to do is have my own time and space.  I attract people who don’t worry about personal space, who don’t understand that there is a limit to be maintained.

Why can’t I attract, the winning lottery numbers?  Or a leprechaun?  Sure, it’s true I am blessed with lovely friends.  It’s just the things/people attracted to my space is not always wanted.  I’m sure it’s needed, to teach me a lesson, but still I can’t always see it that way.


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