Waterfalls and Falling Whims

Sometimes you need to see the backside of a waterfall.  Sometimes someone thinks you need to see the backside of a waterfall.  And sometimes, well it just doesn’t matter!

On one of my many excursions somewhere part of a trip included seeing the backside of a waterfall.  Because as you know the backside of anything is different from the front of that object.  The waterfall in question happened to tumble over a carved in area of a lake making it possible to bring the boat around to the back side as you came out to the other side  without going through the water fall.  This, I was told, was pure magic.

I’m sure at some point it was magical to people.  But between you and myself, there was n different from the fronts of the back of the waterfall.  None.  No magic, no mystery, just the sound of loud rushing water.

Had I encountered the backside of a waterfall when I was young, I’m sure it would haven even a magical time, mystical even.  Why?  Because there was a time when things like that caught my fancy and set my mind down the road of curiosity.

There was a time when I not only bought into this world of Magic, but also lake monsters, closet monsters and things that go bump in the night.  Part of me wishes I could hang into that magic, see the wonders to the back  of a waterfall and know there is so many more wonders in the world than science can surely attempt to grasp.


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