They Said…

Sit on the ball, they said.  It feels good, they said.  It helps with back pain, posture and overall well-being they said.

so I sat on a massive ball instead of a chair like everyone else.  No one said it was going to be fun!  Hey why not?  You can roll around on this thing, bounce it up and down.😊  They were right, the ball is awesome, because it is fun, not because of all the other stuff!

no one said that the ball would have a mind of its own, roll away and try to buck me off.  Bad ball!  😡

Of course no one mentioned the pin, you know a little something you can put in the ball and let out some of the air.  If you do that it doesn’t try to kill you, but it’s also not as much fun.

They also never said that a pin directly in then all, making a hole is a bad, bad thing!

why is that?  Why are most of the fun things dangerous or not as safe as less fun things? This seems somehow unfair and wrong!


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