Voices of Silence

Missing:  one voice, last heard ordering a coffee

I’ve never worried about being voiceless.  I don’t live in places where I find my voice silenced.  And yet suddenly that is exactly what has happened.  I am silenced, my voice rendered a whisper barely heard anywhere.  Thankfully it is only a wee case of laryngitis.   Some rest and such and stuff and my voice will be back. 😊

This got me to consider what it’s like to be silenced because of one’s gender or message.  To effectively have no voice physically or in written form.  If you consider that we live in a communications based world being silenced is, in a way, being removed from society, or at least interacting with it.

it wasn’t that long ago that women held a place of silence.  We had nothing to say, we didn’t know what we were talking about.  The little women stick to what they know, which apparently was keeping silent.  Or perhaps it was that the only  things we could talk about was gossip, recipes and child rearing.  According to those in the know, also known as someone, who had large booming voices.

But then we got our voices, we have been speaking up and speaking out.  We have engaged and communicated with men and women alike.  And of course some people would like to ensure we lose our voices…permanent laryngitis of sorts.  And when that happens not only is the world a little quieter, it’s also less full, missing vital parts.


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