Nighttime Ball Rituals

I just confess, I’m not the best dog owner in the world! 😳  I try, honestly I do.  I take the dog for walks, belly rubs and rubs behind the ears.  I am a pro at neck scratches, chin rubs and head pats.  I’m not bad with findings he best treat either.  The dog, though, still wants for something.

The dog may, or may not, be a bit spoiled when it comes to toys.  And like any living creature he has his favorites.  One of them happens to be a ball.  A ball that must be thrown at least a million times each day.  All of this is fine.  I mean I love  throwing his plushy, squeeky ball so he can retrieve it, tail wagging as he squekrs it to his heart’s content.

The problem with this ball is timing.  The dog, you see, has changed his schedule and didn’t give me notice.  Ball playing has always been a day thing, afternoons to be exact.  Now that has changed to whenever I am getting ready for bed.

Lin other words, when I must getting nice and ready for a much needed rest, he wants to go tearing throughout the house, being noisy.  And the worst of it is that after running around with this ball he needs to go outside to attend to bodily functions.  Which means I end up too wide awake to go sleep when I planned.

I am not have mentioned this before,but he’s a crafty dog.  I’ve tried to fool him into thinking I’m ready for bed sooner than when I really am.  He has some type of radar for my real sleep time because he never fell for the trick.  Instead he called my bluff and decided he needed to play longer that night.  Of course this didn’t imoact him negatively, afterall he can sleep all day or however long it takes to recoup from a later night.  Unfortunately I don’t have those same luxuries.

I am beginning to think the dog is really running this household!😊


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