I don’t have a green thumb. I don’t even have a brown thumb.  I haven hen lack thumb of death when it comes to most plants.  I mean I’ve killed plants that are impossible to kill.  Beloved is pretty much the same as me.  We don’t even try to hide these facts because well it’s more than a little obvious.

it’s so obvious that when we were getting ready to place some poor, innocent plants into the ground, a neighbor came over and offered to help out.  It was, of course, a neighborly thing to do.  I suspect that the neighbor feared for the plants very life!

This neighbor not only planted the flowers, she planted crystals in the ground first.  I’m not sure why she planted the crystals, but she insisted on placing  them into the ground. She  also insisted on coming over to water the plants.  Now hopefully the crystals or the neighbor will continue to keep the watering and wedding up life should be wonderful for these plants!

It’s a good thing that neither Beloved nor myself have any delusions of making a living as farmers or owning a greenhouse. 😃  But maybe if we placed crystals in the grounds we might be successful.  At any rate we wow ill probably never know!


4 thoughts on “Thumbs

  1. What a kind neighbour. I have a green fingered Mum who suddenly appears with plants and puts them in my garden!! Never heard of crystals, sounds a bit strange?? Perhaps they are so the fairies look after the plants!! x

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