Buttoning It

Who knew so much depended upon one little button?  Who knew one little button would have such a huge impact on life?

That’s right folks, a single, small button has altered my life.  Not even a button attached to something electronic.  Oh no!  This is pure fashion!  And it’s not even mine!

Beloved happens to have a favorite suit jacket.  It’s almost his lucky jacket, except he doesn’t have a favorite suit jacket.  But it’s the one he wears for special occasions.  This means it’s the one people see the most.  This also means that wearing this jacket puts more people in danger.

Now keep in mind that the jacket is fairly conservative so the danger isn’t from looking at it.  Instead it’s from the button.

You see Beloved has found that he is fond of eating and not fond of spin class.  This means that the button is placed under stress.  Now Beloved doesn’t weigh himself on a regular basis, so sometimes as his weight fluctuates he doesn’t see it.  And if you happen to have a favorite jacket with a single button, sometimes it’s the way to determine you’ve gained a bit too much weight. 😳

A friend took Beloved aside and asked if he was providing safety equipment to avoid being hit by the button that was ready to blow at any moment.  This, of course, was a bit of a surprise to Beloved who didn’t think he had missed that many spin classes.

Another friend, again well-meaning, asked Beloved if he still had circulation in his arms.  Yep, friends like these…

So what does any of this have to do with me and my life?  Suddenly my life is based around spin class schedules and calories!  Now I’m all for being supportive of weight loss, but I also dislike having to count my calories alongside him.  Watch what I eat?  Sure, but count calories?  Isn’t that like math?  I dislike math.

So you see this button has taken on a role of more than just closing Beloved’s jacket.  This little, round button, is suddenly running my life.  And all I can do is button it until his button isn’t under pressure any more!


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