How It’s Said

Beloved has a habit of needing to get his “kit” on, sorted out or packed. His “kit” can be his shoes, a jacket, a bag, or his clothes.  It took me a bit to sort this all out.

I have a habit of “fixing” to do something.  This can be  shopping, studying, leaving the house or an other variety of tasks.  To me “fixing” makes it the process all more there.  Shopping is not as much as fixing to go shopping because it is the whole process.  Beloved cannot have fathom this.

Beloved will pop out for a pint with the lads.  I will stop off for a drink with the girls.

while we may use  different words and expressions, it always intrigues me that neither one of us see our friends as mature adults.  Perhaps because we don’t see ourselves as grown ups.  Beloved calls himself a boy and well, let’s face it he is older than I am so  if he’s a boy then surely I’m a young girl! 😉

We still haven’t fully gotten all of each other’s  slang down pat, but we still get the gist of things.  I’m pretty sure that there is a lot left to learn as far as how we each speak, which keeps things fun.


2 thoughts on “How It’s Said

  1. Brilliant! How long before you are using each others sayings!!? X

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