Burdens, Beasts, and Me

Baby donkeys are fuzzy!  They have lovely, large expressive eyes and soft, long ears.  They come with tails that wag, sort of.  As only  donkeys can wag their tails.  In short order, baby donkeys are just among the cutest things you see.  😃

Baby donkeys, according to Beloved, end up growing into their eyes, expressive or others.  Same with their ears.  He swears nine of them wag their tails, just swish them.  Above all else, he claims they grow up to be full-sized donkeys and stop being fuzzy.😔

Baby  donkeys do not belong in the house according to Beloved and he doesn’t wat to hear about miniature donkeys, baby or otherwise.  He also refuses to believe that baby carrots exist for baby donkeys and other baby animals.😮

They are, he claims, beasts of burden and live to carry and haul things for humans.  Evidently they wouldn’t be happy living with us.  Because what could we offer them for burdens other than carrying books, laundry and groceries?

I’m not sure donkeys live to do the heavy work of humans.  I suspect humans simply used them for this kind of work.  Beloved tells me I just dont understand donkeys or such.

I understand burdens.  After all one cannot live life without experiencing burdens.  Burdens of bills, obligations and society.

If one ends up in a partnership then one understands being a beast of burden to some degree.  For there are times Beloved carries my load, and other times I carry his.  It can’t be avoided, Andy to append rather naturally.  Love, after all, requires that we help each other, that we muddle through together.  Love doesn’t see the burden as a chore so much as it is a way on help the person we care about.

I have no need of a donkey to carry my burdens, they are mostly of my own making and doing.  The lifting they involve cannot be done by hooves.  I’d feel guilty about getting the donkey to carry my weight, just as I feel guilty when Beloved carries my burden for me.

I guess what im saying is that humans are beasts of burdens as well.  Yet you never hear anyone say that a human is only happy when s/he is carrying a burden.  Instead you hear how horrible it is for this person to have to carry a burden, or that person having to help with another person’s  burden.  You hear of people being unable to bear a burden life has given them.  Are we really that different from the other beasts on earth?



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