Tricking Beloved

Beloved saw his first coyote, in person not at long ago.  It apparently was not what he expected in the least.

He told me that his idea of what a coyote looked like compared to what he saw was very different.  He hadn’t expected to see a thin animal, an animal that slinks along and carefully follows from a distance in the brush.  He hadn’t expected the animal to be that small.  He also he hadn’t expected it to hide so well, or be so determined.

He had expected the coyote to be a bit more like Wyle E Coyote from Bugs Bunny.  And in a way I guess the real coyotes are a little like him. They may not have the Acme company to supply them with tools, but they are determined and creatures of opportunity.  And I suspect far more often than not, they end up missing the catch, just like Wyle E Coyote does in the show.

Coyote, in North American culture, is a trickster for good reason.  He appears harmless, thin and weak.  In reality he is strong and cunning…that’s why he is a trickster.

In North American culture, he is a shapeshifter.  I always wanted to be able to shift my shape, especially without pain, but coyotes can’t really shift their shape any more than we can.  But they hunt in packs, and you never get to see them all at once.  They move so you may see one for a moment and then see a different one the next.  Thus it appears as if they can shift their size or shape a bit.  Beloved has decided the real reason why coyotes are considered tricksters is because the don’t live up to what we expect.  The same can, of course, be said about people, which is why we may call them tricksters as well.

Frequently people aren’t as they first appear.  Part of it is because we see them a certain way in a specific setting and then when we see them in a different setting, they appear different to us.  And some times people are good at appearing one way, but behaving different from how they appear. And in the end, in away we all can be a little like chameleons, tricksters or coyotes.  It all depends on the light  and the background.


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