Dirty Water?

Swimming with dolphins is supposed to be fun.  People pay large sums of money to swim with these animals.   But me?  I will stay out of the water thanks all the same.  I’ve never really understood why people want to do this.

Sure dolphins are amazing animals, intelligent and majestic, but the same can be said about sharks. Again, I don’t have a huge desire to swim with them either.

A friend’s partner came back from swimming with whales. He was raving about how truly wonderful this experience is and how everyone should do it.  Still desire for me to join him.

Before you think I can’t swim, I should set that aside.  I’m very capable of swimming, I actually have nothing against swimming.  But I prefer swimming pools.  Not because the water is calm, or warm, although those are added bonuses in my book.

No my friends, the real reason why I have no desire to swim with sharks, Dolphins, whales etc is because they are in the ocean.  And the ocean is not clean.  And im not talking pollution either, although there is tons of trash in the water.

The ocean is where these animals live, they swim in the ocean, they play in the ocean, they sleep in the ocean, they give birth and die in the ocean.  And they eat and poop in the ocean.  So you see I have no desire to get into all that dirty water.

And then there is jellyfish to deal with.  Sneaky creatures, trying to be no-see-ems.  Sneaky and willing to hurt you if you get in the way of their tentacles.  The tentacles that can become mesmerizing as the trail in the water, but pure pain if they touch your skin.  So now you have an injury while you are in dirty water.  How can this even sound like anyone’s dream vacation?

instead I will stay comfortable on the boat or what have you and view things without dealing with dirty water.  Yep I’m not swimming in the sea creatures’ toilet and grocery store.


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