Lupus, Canines, Towels…Or How I Live Life

I threw in the towel.  Actually I threw in several towels.  Yes friends, it’s true.  But honestly what would you have me do?  Leave soggy towels on floor and wait for them to dry out on their own?

They would, dry out that is, on the floor.  Eventually.  But towels that became soggy because they were used to dry the dog shouldn’t be left on the floor.  At least not in my books.

So I threw them into the washing machine, because soggy dog smell isn’t so appealing.  The dog had to get washed too, but he isn’t made for the washing machine.  Besides if he were to go in, everything would smell like wet dog in the end.

And when I was done cleaning the dog and dealing with the towels, I threw in the proverbial towel.  You know that one, the one that says you are giving up.  Because I did.  I gave up on trying to get everything done in one day.  I gave up pretending I wasn’t tired, that lupus wasn’t affecting me.

And you know what?  The minute I threw in the towel and ceased being everything to everyone, stopped being “normal”, my life kind off normalized itself.  Sometimes you have to give up being what you aren’t, embrace what you are and know that there will always be towels to hang on your neck and towels to throw in!  Just a matter of how you view it.


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