Started With An Innocent Glance

It all started with a glance, just a chance glance.  That’s all its was.  A wee meeting of my eye, nothing more or less. An innocent glance.  It couldn’t be helped,  and it’s not my fault!  At least that’s the story I’m sticking to! 😉

Now it may have been, perchance, that perhaps I went to the store.  Not looking for it as per say, just a quick, innocent walk into the store.  And as I happened to glance around, just taking in the whole view, it fell under my glance.  Still just causal innocence of course.

Well okay so it may have been that perhaps, maybe, that I had a vague inkling that I would stumble across it in the store.  That could be, but if it were, it was at the subconscious level.😉

I mean I have no other defence for why I somehow ended up with yet another book.  It needed a good home?  Yes that’s it.  The poor book wanted to come home with me.  What else could I do other than rescue it from an unloved lifestyle in a bookstore.  Who knew they carried books there!😝

But honestly can you blame me?  I mean it needed a good home, someone to love it and cherish it.  Enter me, stage right! 😊  Beloved won’t mind, besides it was only an innocent glance, kind of like how we met!



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