I marvelled at how she wielded her makeup brush.  She reminded me of a humming-bird the way she would suddenly appear, hover and then disappear again.  I never realized how much work went into making someone look natural! 😳

Beloved wasn’t enjoying the experience as much, mostly because it was his face that was “being put on” by her expert hands.  Oh the things he does for his job!  The pure suffering he went through in this makeup artist chair just so when he went on stage to present he would look natural was phenomenal.

But the real suffering was about to begin, although it came from a few innocent words.  Harmless words really, unless you happened to be Beloved.  Because if you happened to be Beloved, or someone like him, what the makeup artist said was basically the equivalent of declaring war.

What was it she said?  What horrible thing could have caused him to go pale?  She suggested he lose his beard.  Well not all of it.  She figured if she trimmed it down and removed it off his cheeks, he would look more dramatic.  Which may have worked if he wanted to be dramatic on a daily basis.  But Beloved isn’t a man of drama, although the ideas and concepts he explores tend to be.

The beard is as much a part of him as his fingers and toes.  He could no more part with it than a limb.  Not that he always had a beard.  In truth he didn’t grow one until he was working as a professor.  He grew it so he wouldn’t look like one of hiss students or worse, like a 12-year-old!

And now some woman who felt he needed makeup to look natural was telling him he beard should really go.  This was a bit much.  He had managed the pedicure with dignity and good humor.  He took the makeup in stride, but then the beard incident happened and the joy slide off his face.

Somehow this one moment managed to make the woman who had been a hummingbird into a horrible, crazed predator and his beard the prey.  The rest of the time in the chair was uneasy, but he left with his beard intact, managed his time on stage and returned to the sanctuary of home.

He swore he’d never let someone make him look dramatic or natural again.  Especially since natural wasn’t naturally natural!

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