Experiences and Shopping Choices

I grew up in a world of grocery stores, shopping malls and automobiles.  Grocery shopping was once a week, drive to the store, load up and head back into the world of suburbia.  Once in the world of the suburbs magical things happened to the food.  But there was no magic in getting the food really.

I disliked grocery shopping as a child.  Really, really disliked it.  Of course that hasn’t changed.  Thankfully I have Beloved to manage this task, well I do when he is around!

Beloved grew up slightly differently than I did, I guess it’s because I grew up in North America and he grew up in Eurpe.  To him grocery shopping was a daily trip to the market with his mother, he went to stay out of harms way as well as to help carry the groceries.

He and his mother would walk to the market, get what they needed and walk back home.  Home was not in suburbia and there wasn’t a lot of magic that happened to the food.  As he puts it, the stuff that was purchased would appear later in the day, cooked and looking much the same as it did before.

Eating for him back then was more or less a thing that had to be done because the food was all pretty much the same day in and day out.

He rather enjoys going to the market still, now he is looking for something new to play with in the kitchen.  What has changed?  First there is a greater variety of food to chose from; second there is more money to spend, which allows for greater choice; third he has experienced North American suburbia grocery shopping.

The man foolishly believes that the more time I spend in his market world, I will begin to enjoy grocery shopping too.  I don’t mind going with him because I enjoy watching his expressions as he finds various items to try, but there is a limit to how much of that is fun!

its rather amusing to me to see just how much our childhood expeirences continue to play a part in decisions we make as adults.


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