Sorting Items

Harry Potter may have the sorting hat, up we have the sorting dog!  I bet other people have sorting dogs as well.

Now and then we will offer the dog a few items to choose from, sometimes mixing up two or three types of food and inevitably the dog will sort through the mix to find his favorite.  Those get eaten first of course! ☺️

The dog uses his nose to push through the food to find his favorite, but he will also use his mouth for sorting purposes.  If he gets two different types of food in his moth at the same time, he will sort it with his tongue and spit out the less desirable food into the floor.  Disgusting?  Clever?  I’m not sure.

The dog not only sorts out foods but he will sort his toys too.  Obviously he doesn’t just push his toys with his nose, instead he grabs them with his mouth and flings away those he doesn’t like.

Now if only we could teach him to sort laundry and our schedules, I’m sure we’d be all set! ☺️


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