Only Words?

Friends I’m at an utter loss for words.  Well okay not an utter loss because clearly I have words to write this, but you know what I mean. 😉

How do I explain things?  As you know we have a dog, a cute, slightly rotund dog who is overly affectionate.   Now we adore him, he has grown on us like mold sort of. 😉  Now not to be speaking out of turn, but the dog sheds.  I know shocking!😮  Because he sheds, there is a need to vacuum the floor.

Okay so it’s not just the dog as a reason why we vacuum, but w have a greater need now that he’s in our life.  And so now it comes to the moment that has left me speechless.  You see I asked Beloved to vacuum the floor he doesn’t mind doing.

So naturally I expected him to dig out the vacuum cleaner and just do the floor, but this, my friends is not what happened.  Instead Beloved pulled out the packing tape and put it sticky side down on the floor.  When asked why he shrugged his shoulders and offered this “why not?”  And thus im utterly speechless.  What can I say to this?!  What can anyone say to this?😶 Suggestions?


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