Impression Of Me

I always assumed that when I was a grown up I would cease to be clumsy.  And well I did grow into being less clumsy, I still have moments of spectacular clumsiness.  And always at the times that make the best impressions!  Yes friends, this girl can pick a moment!😉

At first I blamed faulty footwear,  it alas there wasn’t a thing faulty about the footwear.  Instead the fault was with the person wearing the footwear.  And let’s just say that the person wearing said footwear is a slow learner, which resulted in sprained ankles, sore feet etc. by not being able to walk properly.  All because this person had a strange idea that tall shoes would make her more elegant.  And to might have done if she didn’t wobble so much! 😉

Of course we can’t just stop at the faulty footwear when it comes down me.  Because sometimes it isn’t the footwear that makes me clumsy.  No friends, I’ve been known to become very clumsy due to wearing certain clothing.  Normally fancy clothing, like evening dresses for formal occasions that are important to Beloved.  These dresses somehow bring out my inner klutz.  I can be wearing nice flat shoes and stick me in the formal evening dress and viola, I can fall and break my ankle!  Yep I’m special that way!☺️

And if only it was due to fashion!  😉  But of course that isn’t the case.  My brain makes me clumsy too!  Any time I know I want/need to make a good impression, I’m going to stumble, fall or twist an ankle.  And of course it isn’t just the fall, or twist that happen, oh no it must be something eye-catching and show stopping.  I guess in a way I do make an impression, just not the way I want to.  I guess it’s something about being careful what you wish or hope for…



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