Chicken legs, Who Me?

Leg days.  I always thought leg days were about well, chicken legs.  Sadly friends, I have been mistaken.  Leg days are not about chicken legs, which is a shame because I have a few recipes I’ve always wanted to try for chicken legs.

Leg days are apparently all about my legs, or yours or whomever else happens to be r participating leg days.  Suddenly leg days aren’t as much fun.  Well okay, if I took it seriously Im sure it wouldn’t have been fun.  But leg days.  How on earth can I take that seriously?😉

But have no dear friends, I’ve found my legs.  Rest assured I’ve found them right where I thought they always were, above my feet and below my waist.  How do I know I’ve found them?  Because they let me know.  You see every day after leg days, I can feel them! 😊

ive  been told eventually leg days won’t have my legs feeling like jello.  Apparently at some point my legs will no longer notice leg days and then, well then friends I’ve not clue what will happen.  Perhaps leg days will be about chicken legs again!😉

Sure I’m having a bit of a laugh, mostly at myself, as I struggle with leg days, and arm days, and well all these exercise days.  Not because I’m that bad at it, well I probably am given my lack of coordination, but rather because this is one of those times when I just have to laugh of myself.  Besides as a kid I was called chicken legs for some odd reason.  (For the record I dont have yellow legs!)


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