The Cycle Of Did I Do That?

Someone recently asked if Beloved does anything right given my complaints about the refrigerator door and empty tissue rolls.  The truth is he does a lot more right than annoying, however the good stuff is taken for granted.  Which yes, I know, is wrong.

Beloved, of course, has his list of things that I do that can be super annoying too!😮

While he may try to turn the kitchen into a haven for penguins, I apparently do not close the cabinets completely in their catches.  In my defense it’s so the Penguins have a safe place to go!😉

It is, of course, a fair comment on his part because I don’t often close the doors right in the catch.  I dislike the noise, even though it’s just a small little click sound.  When I was younger, my parents knew exactly which cabinet I had been in because I  never closed it all the way.  So yes, guilty as charged.

To him it doesn’t make sense why I closed the door  until it just about catches, but stop before that point.  Thus the door is left slightly ajar.  Which, unbeknownst to men, so apparently is a major invitation to spiders.  Yes friends,a slightly open cabinet or cupboard door is simply irresistible to spiders.  It’s like a drug that they just have to have! Helpless they are drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Before you say anything, yes I do not like spiders.  I really do not like them in my house, lurking around my pantry items.

Which leads me to my next annoying thing, which is grabbing Beloved, if he is around, to deal with the spider.  He will kill it, or flush it down the toilet, which he calls a white water ride! 😊

Now considering I’ve called the man to dispatch of said spider, whom I’ve unwittingly invited into the house, you’d think I wouldn’t care what he does with the creature.  But you’d be wrong.  Nope you see I dont want the spider killed, just set free.

some of you are now seeing a cycle beginning starting with open cabinet doors….end ing with a spider sent outside just to be invited in again!


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