Down The Road Up To No Good

Behind me is a trail strewn with good intentions, things I meant to start or complete, and the clutter of hanging onto items that will be useful somewhere down the road.

I assume somewhere down the road leads you Up To No Good.  I’m positive Up To No Good is like a nightclub or such.  And of course the irony is that Up To No Good is probably a good place to be!😊

Now and then I will look back at the stuff behind me and think ‘yes I can do something with this’, but really I’m just kidding myself.  It’s these temporary fits of insanity that seize me and make me believe that I’m crafty when in fact I struggle at doing the most basic of things that craft-like.  Sadly theses are typically the  items that are left behind me.

I guess, as much as its hard to believe, there is a small part of me that thinks I can be a tiny bit, just a smidgen really, like Martha Stewart.  But I guess that’s not the case, because making my own pie crust is never going to happen.  Life is too short to spend time doing that when there is good quality ready-made stuff available.  Sewing?  Oh my word, that’s up there with me and hot glue guns.  In other words as rare as a blue moon on the fourth Tuesday on a mild spring day.  Or never!😉

still now and then I feel a need to try and finish or start what I meant to start or complete way back when.  The results are typically atypical!  I think in wt distracted by the thought of the road taking me to that wonderfully intoxicating place called Up To No Good! 😄


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