Sick Like A Dog

THe dog has apparently caught a cold.  Until the vet had said the dog was suffering cold I honestly didn’t think it was possible.

the only outwardly sign there was anything wrong was the dog was that he had started to sneeze several times in a row.  Stop and sneeze again.  None of these were his cute little doggie sneezes either.  These were loud, full-blown, earth-shaking sneezing.

he didn’t cough, whine or moan.  His eyes weren’t bleary from the cold, and he had no Kleenex sprouting from sleeves and pockets.  He didn’t demand tea, didn’t complain about the bed hurting him and certainly wasn’t demanding chicken noodle soup.

in fact it was amazing that he was even considered sick. Frankly both Beloved and I could learn from him because when we are sick, we whine and moan.😊

The dog, instead suffers with dig it, the same way he wears his socks with dignity.


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