Kneaded Expectations

He stroked and kneaded, he rolled and he pleaded.  He twisted and turned and he dug in, but it was all to no avail.  His thumbs and fingers were burning, in pain and still that annoying ache in my back wouldn’t leave.

we gave up when he said his forearms were aching.  Despite have oodles of experience with kneading dough, he wasn’t able to do anything for me.

Now this ache didn’t just suddenly occur.  It actually had been a middle annoyance that grew to become an annoyance that couldn’t be ignored.  I’m not sure why I expected him  to get rid of it right away, but that was my expectation when he offered to try and rub it away.

So now he had tired forearms, fingers and thumbs and the annoying pain was still there, along with frustration that he had failed at his mission!

All too often I set these unrealistic and unfair expectations on some one or some thing.  I just blindly assign an expected outcome which is based on nothing other than my own whims.  How does it end? Typically one of two ways, either me being frustrated it didn’t live up to my expectations no matter how unrealistic they may be, or I ended up being pleased with the outcomes.  Of course far more often than not I’m frustrated even though I know it’s all my own doing.


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