Keeping It In Sight

I recently had what I was told is an ocular migraine.  I had no idea that these things existed.  I kind of wish  I never had encountered one.  You see an ocular migraine is fairly much what it sounds like.  It’s a migraine of the eye.

For me it was as if I was looking underwater with one eye and then stabbing eye pain and headache.  And the pain seemed unending .  I felt like  poking out my eye to make the pain stop.  The good doctor assured me this wasn’t the answer.  He reminded me that the pupil is basically a hole so if one sticks something directly into the pupil it’s just going into a void.

The doctor told me that voids have no nerves in them thus the pain isnt from there so that also will not solve the pain.  He assured me I’d be better to not poking my eye out because the migraine would dissipate and I’d want my sight back.

he was right, cue the pain ended and my sight was normal, I was glad to not be minus my sight.  It never ceases to amaze me what I am willing to trade away in a hasty moment of pain, never considering the longer term pain I’d create for myself.  Some how I always lose sight of this.


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