Of Magic Doors And Strange Places

Can someone please tell me what the appeal is of sticking one’s head in the refrigerator and just looking blankly at the shelves?  I’ve seen people do this throughout my life.

Logic tells me they should be looking for something, which they then remove from the machine.  But the look on their faces indicates they aren’t really seeing anything on the shelves.  Typically there is at least a slight bend to their bodies while they do this action.

okay let’s be honest, it’s mostly males, at least males in my life, who do this. Please understand I’m not bashing males, it’s just that friend’s, loved ones who I’ve discovered partaking of this odd ritual are male.  Maybe it’s a male thing.

just a while ago I saw Beloved head to the kitchen, when he didn’t return after a few minutes I thought I better go investigate.  Perhaps he found gourmet food or cake in the fridge.  What if he did?  Would he honestly save it all for himself?

With these concerns I made my way into the kitchen where I found him hunched over, hand on door of the open refrigerator just staring into the open space.  He didn’t even respond when I poked him.  Is there something magical that causes trances to happen?  Why hasn’t anyone told me a out this?

Beloved suggests women know how to do this too, but we save it because we are normally too cold.  But there comes a time  in life when women suddenly get warm, too warm.  I’m not asking him anymore about this.

What I am thinking though is that he is setting it up for our pet penguin.  I want a nice fuzzy baby penguin.  I feel like it’s the least we can do.  I mean the poor parents will want a break from trying to keep those babies nice and warm.  And with Beloved opening the refrigerator door and leaving it open for periods of time, we could provide the baby with a bit of  home without freezing to death. 😉


2 thoughts on “Of Magic Doors And Strange Places

  1. That is so, so true. It is not just the men in our house though. I have just read your post to my daughter (another guilty one) and she actually admitted it, “That is so true, I actually do, I open the fridge door and just stare in there, it’s not like you are even thinking about doing it, even if you meant to go upstairs you just wander to the fridge and open the door, it’s just so automatic” The amount of times a day I have say to either Hubby or Daughter “NO, not the fridge!!!” Leftovers that I was hoping to use up for lunch next day disappear, food that was planned for lunchboxes walks away etc. One of my favourite sayings is “Fridge Pickers wear Big Knickers!!!” Sharon x

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