Begging At The Table

It started with longing look, a subtle licking of the lips. Then it was shifted body position, moving a little closer to me.  This was followed with big, woeful eyes and then the whining commenced.  The low, mournful whining that was meant to play upon the strings of my heart.

It isn’t that my heart doesn’t have strings, as I’m sure it does.  It wasn’t that I’m deaf to the low, mournful whines, because I’m not.  It isn’t that I couldn’t see the shifting of the body or the big, woeful eyes because I can.

No my dear friends, it wasn’t for any of this those reasons.  Instead it was for the simple fact that I wanted to enjoy my meal.  Not have to listen to the whining and look at the sad eyes.  It also happens to not be a time when I want to take up weight lifting, the weight of another body on my arm.

No friends,  when it comes to enjoying my meal, the only weight lifting I want to be doing is of food.  Food being lifted to my mouth on an eating utensil.😉

I know what you are thinking, why let the dog eat with you.  Normally he’s rather content to eat his dog food and doesn’t  beg at the table. The same,however cannot be said for Beloved! 😉

If I get home after he has eaten, and my food smells good he puts a dog to shame witj his begging and whining skills.  the man has been known to offer to do a quality assurance check of my food.  Just to be sure emit’s still up to standard.  Yes friends he is willing to make that kind of a sacrifice for me.  And still I won’t share!  Mostly because he already got his so why should we haven on split mine as well?


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