Resting Jealousy

I must make a confession.  I simply need to get this out of my soul.  I am jealous, green with envy jealous of my dog.  And Beloved.  And toddlers.  And older people.  Basically friends, I’m jealous of anyone who can nap.  You know that peaceful, comfortable nap, while the sun is up.

I dream of napping, in dappled sunshine no less.  I dream of flopping down in the afternoon and resting before a night out.  I literally dream of napping while I’m sleeping at night.  I wake up hoping that today is the day that I can nap in the afternoon.  So far that hasn’t happened.

Once the sun comes up my inner rooster kicks in and sleep is just a dream fading away.  I blame my parents for the whole inner rooster thing.  Also blame the fact im a light sleeper and don’t sleep with lights on.  Ever.

The dog naps pretty much where and when.  He isn’t too picky.  He’s been known to wake up with us in the morning, join us for breakfast and then head off to do some serious napping.

Beloved can go out with me in the morning, come home mid-afternoon and grab a 20-30 minute nap and feel fully refreshed.  I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t start banging around the house when he does this.  Just to, you know, prove a point.  But I dont.  Because he looks so utterly peaceful.  I’ve debated putting a pillow over his face and holding it there until breathing becomes a struggle and he wakes up.  But that seems wrong.

It is not his fault, nor the dog’s, that they can both nap in the afternoon and I can’t.  But must they flaunt it in my face?  And toddlers, the ones who just flop where they are after a burst of energy, well I got this for them…  can stay up late so there!😉

But on a serious note, I wonder why it is unless im very sick, sicker than my usual lupus issues, I am unable to be  get more  than 5-6 hours of sleep within 24 hours.  And none of that sleep happens when the sun is up.  Beloved answer to this is that we could move to the arctic in winters, when it’s 24 hours of darkness.  When they get more sunlight than other places we would move to follow the darkness a bit.  But if course we won’t really do that.

Surely though I’m not alone.  I can’t be the only person who cannot nap.  No matter how tired I am.  Even when I have no caffeine in my system. Surely I’m not the only soul unable to nap.  Right?  Anyone?  Anyone at all.  Or are you napping right now?😉

3 thoughts on “Resting Jealousy

  1. The older I get, the easier it is to nap. I frequently fall asleep at my computer at work. Shhhhh……….. don’t tell anyone!

  2. Same! It’s awful!

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