Not Me

Sun screen?  Check.  Lip balm?  Check.  Sun glasses?  Check.  Gloves, boots and jacket?  Check.  Wait.  What?  Where are we going?

Oh yes. To the mountains, in winter.  When you ca get sunburned while walking in the snow.  Yes, sunburnt in winter because why only deal with that in summers? 😉

Actually I wasn’t going anywhere, however Beloved was off to the alps.  He had thought he’d pack some pants, underwear, shirts, warm socks and boots.  He figured that should be enough.  Hey we can’t expect him to know everything can we? 😉

I had decided to assist with his packing.  He hadn’t asked out of fear I might be a little put out that I wasnt ging. This was as far from then right as you could get.  I was looking forward to a week all by myself, the house would be mine and mine alone.

I felt it was the best I could do for him, help with the packing.  While he was off in the cold and then now, I’d be safe, warm and comfortable in the house.  Clearly I had to help him with the packing!

Now I know some of you would probably feel different about being “left behind”.  But not me.  Beloved and I both have this thing where we like our own space and adventures.  That way life never gets old and we never get into those situations where we drive each other up a wall!

besides lupus and the sun just do not get along!😊



6 thoughts on “Not Me

  1. Mmm , your last comment sounds familiar, I love the sun and the summer but having to smother myself in sun block and be covered from head to toe on the hottest day of the year, not looking forward to that. I guess this may be why I have started to love winter in recent years! Sharon x

  2. I too, have begun to favor winter. I do enjoy a break at some point though despite the need for copious amounts of sunblock.

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