Giraffes, Patient Care and Lupus

I had developed a sore neck that a heating pad couldn’t fix.  The pain was at its worst when I had been looking down and then tried to raise my head.  I was used to the crunching and grinding noises that came from my neck and other body joints so I didn’t think of about the increased noises.  So when it started I can’t honestly say, which didn’t please my doctor.

My doctor decided that yes arthritis was now fully in my neck and we should try to massage away some of the pain.  So off I went, rather disturbed that some person was going to massage my neck.  A neck, after all, is rather delicate and somewhat important.

The poor therapist had to reassure me first that there’d be no damage done.  Okay so she had to reassure me a million times, but finally we got down to the massage.  She was gentle yet insistently working out the pain.

So far so good, and then she says we will begin stretching my neck.  Wait.  What?  Okay don’t get me wrong, I love giraffes as much as the next person, but I’m not eager to seek a neck like them.  😳

no matter how much I protested she carried on with these gentle stretches.  And then there was a rather loud crunching noise and she stopped.  She did some more light massages and said we were done for the day.  She also informed me that my next appointment would have with someone else because she wasn’t prepared to deal with my neck issues.  She basically told me that it was too unpleasant for her.

Yep, unpleasant for her.  She wasn’t worried about me evidently.  So much for caring and concern for the patient.  Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this kind of health care.  I understand that my health issues are more than most, however when you find a good health care professional it’s an amazing thing.

frankly amazing, carne and concerned health care professionals are as important or more so, than most of my lupus medication.

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