Broken Perfectly

Why are we in such a hurry to hide the fact that we aren’t perfect?  Are we afraid to show that we are human?  I know I’ve been guilty of this.  I’ve hidden behind make up, hairstyles, clothing, titles and labels.

If I feel a bit short, I can wear high heels, or boots.  If I feel inadequate in some area, I can avoid drawing attention my inadequacy, and rather highlight my strengths.

The thing  is, we are all broken.  It’s impossible to get through life without being dinged up, bits and pieces crumbled or missing.  We should see these as badges of honor.  They are a sign of a life fully lived.

A movie once had a line in it that made a lot of people think differently about romantic relationships.  The line?  “You complete me!”  As if by having a partner somehow we can become whole and complete.

I’m not so sure that Beloed completes me.  To be honest I neither want nor need him to complete me.  His brokenness, his humanness, compliments my own brokenness.  Somehow his broken pieces and mine fit together, maybe not perfectly, but well enough for both of us.  After all, when you’ve lived life without being wrapped in bubble wrap, you may look a bit worn, but it’s worn from life experiences.  It says you aren’t afraid to live, you aren’t afraid to love and experience things.  It also says you are okay with being somewhat broken.

In my case, I appreciate my brokenness and Beloved’s far more than trying to achieve perfection.


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