A-Dressing My Identity

Surprisingly I own a little black dress, and a red one too.  Actually I have a few dresses, but they rarely see the light of day.   Mostly because I wear them at night, for special occasions.

Beloved is to blame for this.  He  brings more fancy dress occasions to the relationship.  Perhaps I too would have them as well if I didn’t avoid those moments like the plague.  Okay so I don’t really avoid the plague because  it isn’t a daily occurrence, but you know what I mean.

So why the talk of the dresses?  Because I came across a few today while searching for something else.  And it made me wonder why I have so many items of one article of clothing?  An article of clothing I dislike at that.

I mean yes I have them because they are appropriate attire for certain things, but why?  Why do I view them as appropriate?  Surely we are past the point of women needing to show some leg to maintain that they are women.  Why do pants not scream fancy dress for women?  Why is fashion still so sure that the elegance of the female body can only be found in a dress?  And more to the real question, why do I so despise the thought and act of wearing a dress!


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