Turning It Around At The Bottom Of The Hill

it was one of those days, the garbage bag broke as I was taking it out of the can, spilling nasty garbage contents all over the found and my shoes.  And that, my friends, was just for starters.

I got stuck inside my garage.  No the vehicle wasn’t running, but I couldn’t get the door up to drive out.  And of course I was running a shade too close to being in the tardy side.

So to save time I forewent my morning coffee, which was a mistake because no coffee equals a foggy brain.  Foggy brain means mission key information and conversations which all leads to a crabby me.  As in stay  far away from me because I’m  grouchy and not likely to de-grouch myself any time soon. 😉

And as the day went on it only went cured downhill.  At the bottom of that hill was Beloved who ended up with all my disappointment and anger laid not so neatly at his feet.  Could he have prevented any of this?  No.  Was he responsible for any of it?  No.  Was it fair to assign all of that to him?  No.  But I did it still.  Why?  Because we tend to lash out and rail against our disappointments by taking it out on loved ones.

loved ones will stick it out with us, forgive us when we act out wrongly, love us no matter what.  They may point out our faults, but they will see us through the good and the bad.  Why is it that our loved ones tend to get our worst behavior?  Why is this acceptable?

What happened is that Beloved allowed me my moment and then gently did what he does best, turns it around.  Not many people, myself included, would put up with me in a bad mood.  But somehow he sees the better side of me, tolerates my tirades as he tames them and has a faith in me that I don’t have.  And I suspect that is why we are at our best and our worst with those we love.


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