Carrots, Peas and a Shopping Cart

When I go grocery shopping I always get the cart with the squeaky wheel, not only squeaky, but also sticks a bit.  Now I should point out that I don’t seek this type of cart put, rather it seems to find me.

Beloved says that squeaky carts with sticky wheels and I go together like peas and carrots.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I guess what I need to know first is am I the carrot or the pea?  Then extra thing I need to know was which ones is better and why?

I suppose I should be grateful he hasn’t compared me to the squeaky wheel or the sticky wheel.  I’m pretty sure there are times he feels that I’m a very large, very squeaky and very stubborn wheel.  Not that I wouldn’t deserve being called this because there are times that I’m squeaky, read that as whining, and stubborn.

Maybe it’s because of this idea that like can attract like I end up with a shopping cart much like me.  Especially when you factor in how much I hate grocery shopping.  In case you have any doubt about how much I hate grocery shopping, I can prove it to you this way.  I have had an empty fridge in the house I’m  living in for two weeks at a stretch.  No seriously I have gone on the hungry side or bought take away food because I hate grocery shopping.  I have to work up to going shopping and then I detest the length of the list.

The longer the list, the more I hate shopping.  Yes I understand if I went more often the list would be shorter and thus less time in the store at any one trip, but it’s still trips to the store.  I’d leave it all to Beloved, but you can’t alway rely on him to be able to do it.

I understand this is a “first world” problem, or a problem of luxury because I’m not having to plan around finances.  I’m just planning around my discomfort.  So really the sticky stubborn wheel and I deserve each other since it is of  my own making.




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