It’s The Socks, That’s The Fix

Mary Poppins had her umbrella.  Christopher Robbin had Winnie The Pooh.  Snow White had her seven dwarves.  And I?  I have a dog who happens to wear socks.  Baby socks to be exact.  Baby socks with rubber gripping pads on them, so he doesn’t slip on the floor.

You see I love the dog, and I rather love the floor. The dog is, well, he’s family.  The floor is a lovely, nice, shiny floor.  The problem is that the shiny floor is a bit slippery for humans and super slippery for the dog.

Some people might say get rid of the floor, but that seems a tad drastic.  Others would suggest removing then of, but again that’s a bit much.

The compromise came in the form of four baby socks.  A friend had left them behind, when she and her young son stayed for visit.  When I found them, some time after the visit, her son had outgrown them.  But they were a perfect fit for the dog.  He doesn’t mind wearing them on account of it means he can be the kitchen where we are.

beloved had to get over a fit of being doubled over with laughter, but it beats the dog falling flat on his face and not being able to get up off the floor.


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